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Reminisce With M.I.S.S.: Conscious Daughters

Conscious Daughters

The Bay Area's own: Conscious Daughters

This week for RWM, we’ll be taking you on a Fonky Expedition with none other than Oakland’s original G-Funk queens, The Conscious Daughters. For those not well versed in 90s Bay Area music, these ladies are true originators – stepping away from stereotypical images of female artists and representing themselves and the Bay Area to the fullest extent.

Made up of CMG and Special 1, the Daughters started their career when Special 1 (then known as Special K) was DJing for a local radio station during high school. They began recording demos and shopping them around the Bay. It was during an album release party for Digital Underground that they met rapper Paris. Through Paris, CMG and Special 1 received their group name and the ladies were promptly signed to Paris’ label, Scarface Records.

Conscious Daughters

"Coming straight up out the O so you know..."

It was during a little dip in Paris’ hot tub that their best known single, “Fonky Expedition,” was thought of, and it took but a few days to record the hit. Throughout the song you can hear definite influences from the early 90s G-Funk sound, similar to other songs being released by Dr. Dre and Too Short, among others. The Daughters stuck true to their roots, basing the lyrics off of things that they were living every day. I definitely wouldn’t mind riding around in lowriders, as seen in the video below:

Conscious Daughters – Something to Ride To (Fonky Expedition) (Original Version)

It is important to note that the above video is the original version of the song and not much is said about why the beat was slightly altered.   Some listeners are familiar with this version:

The hit was off their debut album, Ear To The Street, and after the success of “Fonky Expedition,” they released another Billboard topper, “Gamers.” Though the single may seem to be similar to other songs their male counterparts were releasing during the time, it’s definitely one for the ladies.

Conscious Daughters – Gamers

Though the Daughters were never able to match the success of their first two singles, that doesn’t mean that they have given up on the game.   They have never stopped recording or releasing singles and albums independently for the better part of 15 years.  In my opinion, the Daughters represent the very best of what it means to be both a Bay Area artist and even a resident. Those of us who live here know that we may be looked at as just a bunch of hippies, but it never stops us from staying true to ourselves. Listen to any Daughters track and you’ll hear that the ladies stick up for themselves and call it how it is. So here’s to you Conscious Daughters, for holding it down for both the ladies and the Bay for so many years.

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Follow them on Twitter: @The_Daughters

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