Nails Did: Rainbow Flakie Car-Inspired!

Whether or not you’re into cars, here’s a car that will definitely catch your attention: Derek Kloog’s S13 Nissan Silvia. I was so inspired by the outstanding hood decked out in rainbow flakes that I had to recreate the look of this drifting machine onto my nails.

To get this look, I painted my nails purple, then used tape to block off the sides. This serves to mimic the paint job around the hood. I painted the middle black, removed the tape and carefully topped the black with two coats of holographic glitter. I finished off the look with a clear top coat and voila! Nails as smokin’ as one of Kloog’s drifting runs – minus the burnt rubber. 😉

Car photo: courtesy of Derek Kloog

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6 Responses to “Nails Did: Rainbow Flakie Car-Inspired!”

  1. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    That’s awesome. I’d try to recreate that but I hate trying to remove glitter polish from my nails and I’m lazy!

  2. Derek Kloog says:

    You’re the best Eileen!

  3. Lol have you tried the foil method for removing glitter polish? It’s supposedly really effective, but I haven’t personally tried it since I don’t mind the removal process too much ;P

  4. I have read about that method but again – I’m just that lazy haha.

    I usually drench my nails in pure acetone remover when I use glitter bomb type polishes.


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