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My Latest Obsession: Project Runway

My Latest Obsession: Project Runway

My Latest Obsession: Project Runway

I’m so excited that Project Runway is back! OK, last year was a little rough (don’t even get me started about Gretchen), but I just can’t manage to completely unplug from the show.  I watch plenty of reality TV, but Project Runway is one of the very few that is won based on talent (The Amazing Race is the other one…and, again, we’re not talking about Gretchen), as opposed to a popularity contest. I know when I tune it, it’s not a foregone conclusion that someone is going to stay because a fan group somewhere ensured that they were safe for another week. I do like seeing hard work and talent pay off.

The first season started out with a elimination challenge. Four contestants were voted off after a formal presentation to the judges (Heidi, Tim, Nina and Michael). I liked seeing these “behind-the-scenes” moments because it gave me a little insight into what the process is to get on the show, as well as see what the designers were doing before walking through the doors of Parson’s. Once the first cut was made, the sixteen contestants that would make up the actual season went to Atlas to settle in and prepare for their first challenge…which ended up being a pajama challenge.

Tim arrives at 5:30am to tell everyone that they need to get up and head to Parson’s with their PJs and a sheet from their bed in tow. Once they get there, they are informed that the first challenge is for them to design something based on what they’re wearing and the sheet they brought with them. I’m sure after this challenge, all future contestants are going to make sure that they’re dressed fabulous when they go to bed (or at least make sure that they can turn whatever they’re wearing into couture). There were some really amazing transformations on the runway. I would have never thought that the creations from Bert, Bryce, Fallene and Anya started out as PJs and a sheet. There were also some real stinkers from Joshua C, Rafael Julie. I won’t reveal who won here, but I was very happy with the end result.

It’s hard to tell at this point who’s going to be in it for the long haul, but I have taken a fancy to Anthony Ryan, Bert, Anya and Fallene. I’m all about overcoming the odds this season, as Anthony Ryan’s tale of surviving cancer and being colorblind; Bert’s tale of getting away from fashion for two decades due to health issues and alcoholism; and Anya’s admission that she just recently learned how to sew all added a very human element to the show. They all have something that they’re fighting for and have a deep hunger for and I can completely connect into and respect that. Fortunately, all of them appear to have some serious design chops, so I look forward to seeing what they’re able to come up with in the weeks ahead.

Who are your favorites thus far? Enjoy the season!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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