MISS Beauty Tip Of The Week: Pucker Up!

Many women desire glossy hair, smooth skin,  full breasts . . . and FULL LIPS!  We have been subjected to the media and Hollywood telling us how attractive a plump pout is from a young age. Now the idea is embedded in our collective psyche and we can’t shake the feeling that our lips aren’t living up to their full potential. Sure, there’s a biological component to what it means to have luscious lips, and the implications boil down to sex. What else is new, right? But, seriously fuller lips are an accepted trait of sexual attractiveness. If you don’t believe me check out this article (it’s scientific). I’m sorry to have to convey this message to all my thin-lipped ladies out there. Don’t fret! There are hundreds of lovely products on the market specifically designed to help achieve that perfect pout you’ve been lusting after, and I’m not talking about surgery or injections.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix for a fuller lip here’s a suggestion: try exfoliating lips with a warm towel and some sugar, then coating them in Vaseline. That usually works for me and saves you a trip to Sephora. For a more pricey solution, the cosmetic line DuWop makes a lip enhancer called “Lip Venom” which contains cinnamon and other ingredients that are sure to inflate your lips in no time. Lip Fusion makes a similar product in several different shades (both available at Sephora). For something more permanent, I’ve known people to use a lip pump – that’s right – a lip pump. They’re sold at drugstores and don’t cost much. I have had friends who swear that, over time, their lips get bigger. Just be careful; lips are super sensitive and can burn and bruise easily. Don’t apply products all willy-nilly.

A technique that guarantees the look of a fuller lip goes as follows: apply a light concealer with a precision lip brush to the Cupid’s bow (groove in upper lip). That’s it. Smooth the area out and apply lip product as usual. No lip liner necessary.

Remember to keep lips hydrated to attain a fuller lip, and you’ll be looking like Angelina Jolie in no time.

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