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MISS Beauty Tip of the Week: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour

I realize I need another eye shadow stick like I need another hole in my head. You can guess my husband’s growing frustration with my endless need of eye shadows, liner, mascara, blah blah blah. But I am powerless when it comes to shadow sticks. Well I cave into almost any product that can cut my getting-ready time in half, or at least five minutes.

I am a NARS kind of girl so Laura Mercier is a brand that I just recently came to know. I adore her Oil-Free Primer and Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. It endures my sweaty lunchtime gym sessions and doesn’t cause any breakouts. Yes, I realize I should take my face makeup off before I work out but I’m lazy. I am also a big fan of her glosses, Lip Glaces. My favorite is Ambre Rose, a coppery rose shade that I can apply freely without a mirror. It gives me a sexy, beachy lip – like if I were trying to channel my inner Adriana Lima (if you know your Vicky models, then you know who I’m talking about). For more info on Laura Mercier products please click here.

The Caviar Stick Eye Colour is inspired by the Caviar Eye Liner, another favorite item of mine. I experimented with this for a week: using the MAC #252, large shader brush vs. smudging with my finger as well as, applying a thick layer of product from lid to past the crease vs. applying a thin layer below my crease. I found that the thin layer below the crease smudged with my finger was the best way to wear this. It goes on smooth and once it sets (give it a little over a minute to dry) it won’t budge till you remove your makeup.

As for color selection, this comes in 7 other colors but of course I gravitate to my comfort zone – Khaki, deep brownish olive with a very subtle sheen.

I can’t help it, I know I have at least two other colors similar to Khaki. But upon closer inspection, I can see a difference, albeit a very subtle one!

Left to Right: MAC French Quarter Greasepaint Stick (blackened olive with gold and dark pink glitter, LM Khaki, MAC Dirty (Dark Taupe sheen) Greasepaint Stick.

The Greasepaint Sticks are my favorite but they are facing some serious competition. The LM Caviar Stick Eye Colour dries faster than the Greasepaint Stick and it’s easier to remove (I generally use Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover). However, I wish there was a hidden sharpener like the MAC Sticks but since the LM is meant for shadowing the lid, I’m not too concerned about keeping the tip sharp for lining my eyes.

Also, the Laura Mercier shades are easy to wear especially if you are Corporate Gal, like myself. The MAC Greasepaint Sticks are especially fun to use for going out with your friends or on Date Nights to make googly eyes with your partner.

Here’s a look I created with Khaki:

Other colors used:

NARS Cyprus in the crease and NARS Biarritz on the brow bone/Chanel Inimitable Noir Mascara.

So my final assessment – I am thinking about making space for at least one more shadow stick. I’m sure my husband is really pleased about that.

Retail price $24/USD available at Sephora and other fine department stores that carry the Laura Mercier line.

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