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Mama Mio Mighty Moisture

mama mio mighty moistureI’ve been bouncing around from one moisturizer to another and not really feeling particularly strongly about any of them.  When I received a sample of Mama Mio Mighty Moisture I figured I would give it a try since I had been trying to find a moisturizer that was a keeper.

Mama Mio Mighty Moisture contains peptides, firming proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, algea extracts, pre+probiotics, amino acids plus powerful humectants and moisturisers, all of which make your skin feel toned, smooth and soft.  One of the best features of the moisturizer is how lightweight it is.  You would think that with all the ingredients it would be a heavy cream.  Instead, Mama Mio Mighty Moisture is very lightweight and refreshing.  I’ve noticed Mama Mio products go a long way – and the same is true for this moisturizer.  One full pump is enough to moisturize your face and neck (don’t forget your neck!).

Every morning when I get out of the shower my face actually feels “thirsty” – and the moment I put on Mighty Moisture that feeling is immediately gone.  My face (and neck) feel hydrated all day long but it doesn’t even feel like there’s anything on my skin.  I’m happy to say that Mama Mio Mighty Moisture is now a keeper.  I’ll definitely buy more once I use up all of my sample (though since it goes a long way it may be a while).

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