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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 21

We have our roundup of favorites from this week’s #MISSManiMonday, sent to us by our ever-so-loyal followers on twitter and facebook. To partake in these Friday festivities, please send a photo of your nails (past or present) to @missomnimedia on Mondays or simply post it on our facebook wall.

@Arizzza all laced up and blinged out. Very cute.

@C_Rocka rocking marbled nails at their best!

@Sneakherbox matched her nails with her MTTM tee. Genius!

@Bunnie in her Hello Kitty nails.

@ToughLoveNYC got her mother of pearl nails and oversized watch. Love!

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2 Responses to “Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 21”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    MAMA I made it! Nice, thanks and I love Mani Mondays because it just makes me want to push for something more extreme and daring with my nails then just a single color coat.

    I can’t wait to see this coming weeks Mani’s!

  2. Ash S Ash S says:

    love the lace nails! and what a fun idea with the MOBXKrink tee matching nails! love it!


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