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Fashion Meets Music: The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

These ladies looked absolutely lovely!

Once again it’s that wonderful time of the year when pop culture’s biggest names huddle together under one roof to pay homage to one of the music industry’s biggest game changers, the music video. Between the ground breaking performances, insert joke here moments, and awards being given away, the MTV VMAs also plays host to some of the most awe inspiring and awful fashion pop culture we’ll see until the next award show. Whether you love the stars that keep it chic or would rather they play up their inner rock star and break out of their style boxes, there is no denying that MTV’s Video Music Awards provides enough ammo for a week’s worth of water cooler chatter on Nicki Minaj’s Harajuku-yard sale-nurse outfit alone.

When it comes to VMA all-stars no one does it better than mommy-to-be, Beyonce. Even with a baby bump she killed in her bright orange dress while paying a subtle nod to the ultimate girl group member who stepped out and struck gold, Diana Ross. Other hits for the night included Adele, who was also channeling her inner 70s style icon on the black carpet and looked even better during her performance later that night, Selena Gomez, and Kelly Rowland, whose makeup pulled her look together.

While Bey, Selena, Kelly, and Adele owned their looks, a few other stars fell a little short of taking home a gold star for style with their moon man. Although I was shocked to see Katie Holmes finally dressing her age, a feat she has not accomplished since she married Tom, her outfit was a bit off the mark–I’m thinking it had something to do with the shoes. Jessie J gets a gold star for effort from me just for coordinating her crutches and bootie with her outfit before hobbling down the black carpet, but Justin Beiber gets little love for his Elton John as a teenaged hipster look complete with a snake called Johnson–reminds me of why I am glad I’m not 16 anymore. Then there’s Wiz and Amber, what can I say? We all know Amber Rose is a gorgeous girl and there are few things that she can wear to diminish her beauty but I would have liked to see her pull out an over the top, old Amber outfit from her days with Kanye. As far as Wiz goes, I know that the VMAs is the laid back music awards show but that doesn’t mean you can put forth n0 effort. How dreadful.

Jessie J makes crutches look good while Wiz, Amber, JB, and Katie get E's or effort.

Speaking of dreadful, Nicki Minaj once again does not disappoint in her swine flu-slumber party-Harajuku Barbie get up. I think she swapped places with Gaga–who incidentally enlisted Johnny Cade to take her place for the award show. It pains me to say that Kreayshawn landed right behind Nicki in my “who did it and thought they got away with it” list. I love “Gucci Gucci” and “Rich Whores”, and I’m all over her street style circa 2005 look but her outfit was a get up and she needed one of her mob-mates to help her get up out of it. The best of the worst was Katy Perry, aka Mrs. Brand, whose cotton candy-futuristic-geisha look only landed here because that umbrella made her look too costumey as usual but the hair color was amazing.

Katy's colorist does some amazing work...

The biggest fashion shocker of the night was Gaga’s performance of “You and I” as her alter ego Ralph Macchio, oops, Jo Calderone. I have been waiting for Gaga to pull a Madonna like quick change and go from over the top to subtle and chic but this was both genius and underwhelming at the same time. Genius, because we are finally getting as close to seeing Stefani Germonatta as we probably ever will be for years and underwhelming because it just was. While her performance was heartfelt, Jo Calderone reminded me of kids reenacting Scarface.

Gaga as Jo

Oh and while I’m talking lack luster, the girls of the Jersey Shore may not have lacked bling but they were lacking a little thing called style–big surprise. The star of the bunch was J Wow which says nothing of her style because she still was a pick for almost every blogger’s worst dressed list.

Snookie and J Wow look like A-listers next to whatever Deena is wearing.

All and all I love VMA style, it shows you what happens when celebs stop give their stylists the night off and step out as themselves. Or, in the case of the less than best dressed, what happens when they should/should never give their stylist the night off.

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