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Fashion Meets Music: Oh Land

When it comes to the genetic lottery, Nanna Øland Fabricius was born with the winning numbers in her hand. This Copenhagen born daughter of an organist and opera singer was poised to be a prima ballerina before a slipped disc and spinal fracture encouraged her to exercise those golden pipes of hers and Oh Land was born.

Before switching continents and performing her recent hit “Sun Of A Gun” on Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman, Oh Land released her debut album Fauna way back in 2008 in her homeland. After releasing the well received Fauna, which is a must download if I say so myself, the 26 year old moved to Brooklyn and eventually made her US debut with her eponymous album in March of this year. Between late show performances, touring with Sia, Katy Perry, and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and becoming the unofficial face of M Missoni, this Dane is set to finish this year with her name on everyone’s lips.

Willingly or not, this poised songstress who pulls off gypsy-chic without looking like a deranged art teacher has become the muse of choice for bloggers in the know. Why wouldn’t she be? Oh Land’s style is everything American girls envy about their European counterparts. The way that she casually mixes textures, prints, colors, and kitsch without a second thought and would gladly walk down the street in a swan dress a la Bjork if the mood hit her. Not that she dresses anything like Bjork, well maybe if Bjork had a kid with David Bowie and raised it back stage at fashion shows. While her style may be the stuff editorials aimed at teenage girls who spend inordinate amounts of time online searching for the next best thing are made of, you have to love a girl who can pull of feathered shoulder pads and let her style reflect the amazing fairytale landscapes found in her music.

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