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Design Link List 08.20.2011

From an ironic sculpture featuring sparring stags fashioned from Vespa scooters to candles that masquerade as a tasty comfort food, this week’s Design Link List is all about things that aren’t quite what they seem!

“The Stags.” Australian born surrealist sculptor, Patricia Piccinini creates a whimsical juxtaposition of nature and industry with her “automotive” works.  While created from a Vespa scooter, this sculpture has all the movement and drama of a set of stags battling for dominance.

Chick-a-dee Smoke Detector.  The best designers are those who attempt to make every day necessities a bit more interesting or visually pleasing.  It seems only appropriate then that we give a big thank you to designer Louise Van Der Veid, who has saved us from the most boring of household apparatuses–the smoke detector.  No more boring white flying saucers!

Macaroni and Cheese Candle. This adorable candle is disguised as a childhood favorite–Mac & Cheese!

Book Table Clock: This chic and functional table clock by Karlsson represents the epitome of modern design. Not only is the product extremely useful, but it can be tucked away on a bookshelf to perfectly blend in with your favorite novels.

– This playful set of six coasters in the shapes of meat, cheese, lettuce, buns and tomato, stack up to form one tasty looking burger! I’m hungry just looking at them!

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  1. kris says:

    got a link for the coasters?


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