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Design Link List 08.13.2011

You know what they say, a dog (or cat, if that’s how you roll) is a man’s best friend!  Pet’s offer us comfort after a long day at work, a sense of responsibility, and hours of endless entertainment. And let’s be honest, we are less their masters than they are ours–how much time do we spend grooming, walking, feeding, and scooping their poop?  But at the end of the day, we love them, because they unconditionally love us back.  This week’s Link List is devoted to our fuzzy friends!

Pug Love Mixed Media Print.   Retrowhale, an LA based artist who sells on Etsy, creates off-beat art pieces devoted to our animal bethren.

The Bear and Rat: Frozen Yogurt for Dogs.  It’s Ben and Jerry’s for our canines companions! Not only are these delicious– at least I have to imagine they are delicious to a dog. I’m not about to try one myself to find out–doggy treats good for the digestive system, but they have some great packaging to boot.

Cats Attack! Scratching Post: Save your sofa and your bed post by giving Kitty something special to scratch.  Enjoy the view as he unleashes his inner movie monster.

Poodle Eraser.  No doodle is too big for this jumbo doggie eraser!  Designed by Johnathon Adler, this fancy poodle eraser is latex and PVC free… Oooo La La!

The Paw-fice Space Decorative Pillow: Cat lovers are bound to enjoy this decorative pussycat pillow complete with pencil pocket and over-sized glasses.

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