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Design Link List 08.06.2011

Today’s Link List pretty much reflects my week as a whole–random, and a little bit silly.  I don’t know about you all, but after a long and crazy work week, I’m pretty happy the weekend is here. Thank goodness I have the internet to divert me, or else I may never have pulled through! Here are five things floating around the design world that I’m loving right now:

Design Link List M.I.S.S

Mrs. Jermyn’s Tedi Bears. I can’t say that I know Mrs. Jermyn personally, but whoever she is, I think she’s a genius! Her teddy bears, made from men’s button-down shirts are adorable.

The Cardstick Ruler.  This inventive little measuring tool has proved itself impossible to ignore! I feel like I’ve seen it on every design blog I’ve visited this week! And for good reason.  This tiny sticker attaches to any credit card (and therefore fits in a wallet) and is bound to be insanely useful.

– Designer Richard Clarkson and his team have created what I consider to be a relaxation masterpiece with the Cradle Chair! The chair, which nestles it’s user like a hammock, creates a spherical rocking motion, scientifically designed to induce sleep.  I need one. Seriously.

Absolut Blank. Absolut Vodka is probably better known for it’s brilliant advertising campaigns than it is for it’s actual Vodka, and they certainly disappoint with their latest promotional venture. For it’s “Absolut Blank” campaign, the company teamed up with a group of artists who were presented with blank templates to fill in whichever way they chose.  The results are fantastic!

Workplace Resolutions: Words to Work By.  This posters created by an ad agency in Sydney, highlight all the “don’t’s” of the office-place.  Don’t we all wish our co-workers would abide by these rules?

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