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Design Insider: How to Organize Your Closet

Picture this: You are trying to get to work on time on a Monday morning. You have your outfit picked out, your make-up done, your bag all packed… But where the hell is your left shoe?  Attempting to wade through the mountain of heels that is your “shoe closet” you search desperately (and in vain) to find the your missing heel in time to catch the bus downtown.  15 minutes (and a missed bus) later, you spot the offender peaking out from underneath the couch, and fly into an insta-rage.  Sound familiar?  Then you, my friend, are in need of a major closet makeover.  While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s well worth the effort. Pick a Sunday afternoon, clear your calender, blast some tunes, and start organizing! You’ll be glad you did. Afterall, who wants to be spending an extra five minutes rooting around their closet for a clutch when they could be doing well….ANYTHING else?

1. First thing’s first….PURGE! Take a long hard look at everything in your closet, and get rid of the things that you don’t want or have no intention of wearing again. Why devote valuable space in your closet to something that you don’t love? If you are on the fence about an item, use this general rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn an item in a year or more, chances are you aren’t going to.  Donate your unworn clothes to Goodwill, or see if there is a good consignment shop in your area. Chances are you might even be able to get a little cash for your unwanted goods!

2. Hangables:  If you can, get a hanging rack that is eye level, and make sure that all your hangers are uniform in size and shape so that your clothes all hang evenly.  Sort your hanging apparel in a way that makes sense for you–whether it by by occasion type, season, color, sleeve length, etc. Don’t be lazy–make sure shirts are buttoned all the way up and skirts and pants are zipped. This will help keep them from slipping off their hangers and ending in a pile on your floor. For slippy slidey tops, invest in some hangers with no-slip grips or upturned ends.

2. Foldables: Items that can be neatly folded in piles (tops, sweaters, cardigans, denim, etc.) can be kept on shelves or in cubbies.  Again, break them into whatever categories you see fit.  Be sure not to stack the piles too high, or they will be unstable.  Make sure to place heavier knits on the bottom of the pile, so that the stack doesn’t get too top-heavy.  If you have very limited space available to you for your folded items, consider purchasing a storage box that you can keep under the bed.

3. Shoes: There are so many options open to you when it comes to organizing your footwear! If you have shelving already, great! If not, consider a hanging cubby or back-of-the-door rack set up. Organize shoes by occasion, and if you want to get really fancy–by color.  Invest in boot shapers! These will keep boots from slouching and falling over, ruining your newly organized closet.

4. Handbags: Handbags and purses can be tricky. They are relatively large, floppy, and unweildy, thus becoming the greatest space-taker-uppers of all!  Getting your bags organized is almost guaranteed to free up some major space in your closet, and even better–extend the life of your leather goods!  Hang bags on wall pegs or use shelf organizers to help keep bags neatly upright and in place.  If you have the money and the space, think about getting a standing purse organizer.  This will keep your bags off the floor, and easily visible.

5. Where to go: The following links are great places to go to look for storage units and closet accessories.

The Container Store


Restoration Hardware

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  1. Love this. This inspires me to reevaluate and reorganize!
    Also, a cheap alternative to boot shapers- rolled up magazines. :)


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