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Celebrity Style: Back To School Fashion Essentials

Yes, it’s about that time again! Fellow M.I.S.S. writer Lauren definitely inspired this with her Back To School Beauty Essentials post. Everyone wants to look cute when they’re at school. However, the biggest thing for me is being comfortable AND cute when you’re on campus. I don’t think anyone can concentrate and take notes when their feet are aching from wearing 5-inch heels to class.

Denim Jackets

It’s still summer, but it’s going to start cooling down soon – so why not pair your favorite maxi dress with a cute jacket? Especially those of you getting out of class late. I love denim jackets because they’re so versatile; you can create a lot of outfits with them.
A. Denim western style Jacket $85.00
B. Asymmetric stretch denim jacket $232.50

Oversized Watch

If you don’t get anything else from this list – or already have a majority of the things on this list – please invest in a nice oversized watch! I think they give an outfit a nice polished finish and can be dressed up or down. Plus, you won’t be late to class if you keep looking at your pretty watch.
A. Crystal rose gold watch $35.00
B. Two-toned crystal bezel watch $165.00
C. Crystal bezel chronograph watch $275.00


Most girls won’t be wearing heels to class. Cute sparkly Oxfords or loafers are a great alternative. I have the Tory Burch Caroline flats and let me tell you: they are so much more comfortable than her classic Reva flats. They have elastic around the top so you don’t really have to break them in.
A. Cyphers flats $80.00
B. Judde loafers $54.97
C. Strappy laceless oxfords $36.90
D. Caroline flats $225.00


Need I say more? Everyone should have a basic black blazer by now. I learned from the blazer queen herself – Kim Kardashian – on how to create hundreds of looks with them. You can never have too many of these babies!
A. Cropped double breasted blazer $39.94
B. Satin blazer $138.25

Tote Bag

You obviously need something for books (and you’re probably over bookbags) so totes are very necessary. There are plenty of bags out there that are cute and functional.
A. Speidel tote $29.98
B. Shelby tote $59.99
C. Summer face tote $72.99
D. Large le pilage tote $145.00

Rain Boots

Unless you plan on messing up all your shoes, these are a must in most places. I happen to live in NY, so checking the weather before I leave for class is something I always try to remember to do. Getting caught in the rain really is a mood killer if you’re not prepared.
A. Zetta tall boots $24.99
B. MK Mid rain boot $89.00
C. Original Tall High Gloss Rain Boot $125.00
D. Check print rain boot $195.00


Much like blazers, you can never have enough cardigans. There are so many different types and countless ways to work them into your outfit. It will be time to start layering when fall comes!
A. Animal print cardigan $29.94
B. Mink seam drape cardigan $40.00
C. Knitted tweedy boyfriend cardigan $84.00
D. Trent belted cotton-jersey cardigan $127.50

Hope these help.  You can still keep it cute while keeping your grades up!

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