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Ask MISSter Simms: He Never Contacts Me

Texts No More

Do you do all the communicating in a relationship?

Dear MISSter Simms,

So this guy I kind of knew through a mutual friend saw me at an event I was singing at the other day and asked my friend for my number.  I said it was cool to give it to the guy, and the next day he starts texting me like crazy.  Everything was great for like two weeks…then I started noticing that the roles had switched and I was the one hitting him up first.  He’d be all excited to hear from me, of course, but if I didn’t text him then he wouldn’t text me at all.  So after a few weeks of this, my friends were finally able to convince me to delete his number from my phone.  And since then he still hasn’t texted or called me.  What happened?

Texts No More

Dear TNM,

Don’t feel too bad.  I mean if you think about it this “relationship” was kind of bogus from the get-go.  I can relate to dudes being shy, but asking your friend for your number instead of you?  That is suspect, especially since it’s not like you guys were complete strangers or anything.  And on top of that he doesn’t even call you, but sends a text message?  Maybe I’m not hip or with it anymore (is that what the young whippersnappers say nowadays?), but back in my day we used to actually call people and say, “Hey, whatsup girl.  Wanna go to the movies and make out in the back of the theater?”  Your friends are right.  He has your number and if he’s actually interested in you he’ll make the next move.  In the meantime make like Jay-Z and move on to the next one.  There are too many people in the world to be worrying about one dude who can’t even dial some digits.

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