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Art Radar: 8.19.11

Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine recently played host to work by LA-based artist Buff Monster and multi-city (NY/Sydney) designer Jeremyville.  The exhibit (which opened last Friday, August 5th and runs through September 4th, 2011) is a mix of Buff Monster’s highly regarded use of the color pink and Jereymville’s knack for creating designer toys.  You can check out a full list of products available at Cotton Candy Machine via their website and stop by the show to see the work in person.  Cotton Candy Machine is located on 235 South 1st Street in Brooklyn, NYC.

A very special issue of C.O.P. Magazine is out now, available digitally for $1 and in print for $10.  The 48 color page magazine includes interviews with Sinae, Lady Diva, Oche, Fluro, Sax, Shiro and Spice, with an intro written by Cantwo – making this The Stick Up Girlz issue.

A very cool way to protect your iPods, iPads and iPhones has arrived with the second release of designs by Incase in partnership with the Andy Warhol Collections.  A full range of products for all your tech needs, the collection includes images of a stunning Elvis portrait and a still from Warhol’s 1964 film Empire.  All pieces are available at, with a select line-up to follow at Apple retail stores and designated boutiques.

On Saturday, August 20th, LeBasse Projects opens its doors for the Culver City reception of That Was Then, This Is Now, an artistic collaboration between Risk and COOZ.  Two graffiti artists whose relationship has spun over 25 years, Risk and COOZ will present progressive work rich in understanding and maturity.  Taking Risk’s dynamic illustrating and COOZ’s prolific letter writing, the artists bind together to exhibit works inspired by fantasy and mysticism.  That Was Then, This is Now runs through Septmeber 3rd, 2011.  More information on the LeBasse Projects (as well as location and business hours) can be found via their website.

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