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All That Glitters Isn’t Gold…

And all that is gold doesn’t glitter. However appearances seem to have a greater impact than reality now a days. What happens when those appearances are manipulated, yet presented as reality? We end up with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and people chasing unrealistic expectations. Two adds from L’Oreal were recently banned in Britain because they were stated to be misleading and falsely representing actual results. Aren’t they all?

Don’t get me wrong I love aesthetically pleasing images, I want things to look “pretty” but I also think there is beauty in natural “flaws”. Unfortunately media doesn’t, and skin is Photoshopped to look like porcelain, waists are digitally dwindled down to almost nothing and breast and butts are plumped to mimic every 16 year old boys wet dream. Images are so “cleaned up” that they clean out all the character and substance the person had, leaving us with a hardly recognizable plastic like image… yet we are supposed to relate?

How am I supposed to relate when women on the pages don’t look like me, forget the small waist. Let’s talk about the brown skin. The ones that I know have my complexion are brightened up and washed out to look like lighter (more acceptable) versions of what they once were. What does that say to our girls? Brown is pretty, but not too brown please. Why can’t we show and accept the various kinds of beauty there is? All the women shown in this post are stunning prior to the “fixes”, they are real beauties, not graphic dreams.

Unfortunately many girls and women do try to relate and emulate what they see. Ignoring the hours of hair and makeup, sucking in, and very well planned angles to accomplish a shot, that is then sent to someone who takes it and “perfects” it to the flawless image that gets printed. Like I said I like pretty, I like cleaning things up myself, but I don’t believe in selling a lie.

Where do we say stop? Not just the media, but us as well. How many times have I not heard snickers because someone gained a few pounds, or didn’t wear makeup, or maybe didn’t have time for a blow and dry that morning. We have created the monster the media is. Until as a society we view cellulite, wrinkles and weight as part of what makes us beautiful women the media will continue to sell us the fairytale we know doesn’t exist. The fairytale girls and women die trying to reach.

The unrealistic images of bodies, hair, and skin keep us throwing our money into the companies that have created our insecurities. Whether through weight loss, plastic surgery, make up, chemicals, and an assortment of other measures we strive daily to come a little closer to what we were told is pretty. I’m not against looking good, but be realistic. Most importantly be healthy. There is nothing attractive about someone killing themselves to look good. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, taking care of your skin & self, and enjoying life will show through and  make you glow more than the bronzer and blush you just bought.

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