Summer Proof Your Eye Makeup


Unless you’re going for the runny mascara look of the lead singer of an alt rock band a la Greenday, that guy from Tokio Hotel, Taylor Momsen or Avril Lavigne to name a few, you might want to opt for waterproofing your eye makeup this summer season. Whether waiting for subways on steamy platforms, relaxing on the beach, or swimming in the pool there’s no way your eye makeup is going to stay in place without taking some cautionary steps.

Like any makeup maven is sure to know, eye makeup is more likely to stay where you want it when the eyelid is primed and has a smooth layer on which shadows can adhere to. This step is critical in the summer months when sweating is as constant as blinking. The product that I would most recommend as an eyeshadow primer is NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base. For $24 at Sephora this product will not only prevent creasing and smudging, but it will maximize eyeshadow color. For ladies who love rocking cat eyes, but who don’t want raccoon eyes by the end of the day, should try MAC’s Fluidline gel eye liner. This liner available at MAC for $15 stays perfectly in place all day and night long and comes in 6 different colors. Not only do water resistant cosmetics ensure a flawless look that will beat the heat, but most are created from more finely processed and higher quality materials that boast longer shelf lives.

Finally, with liner and shadow in check, the last product that needs waterproofing is your mascara. For something found easily at a drugstore try Cover-Girl’s Professional Waterproof Mascara which costs about $5, and for something a little pricier try Lancome’s Definicils Waterproof Mascara sold at Sephora for $25. For those who just aren’t fans of waterproof mascara here’s a hot tip, if you desperately need to prevent your mascara from running, take some hairspray and lightly spray your lashes, remember to close your eyes first! That’ll keep those little suckers dry for hours. On the other hand if you desperately need to remove waterproof mascara from lashes put some baby oil or Vaseline on a cotton ball and wipe away mascara easily.

With all the products out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but with the popularity of beauty blogs and product reviews you can make regrettable purchases a thing of the past. Hopefully, these tips will leave your eyes feeling fresh and not fugly come the end of the day. Best of luck ladies!

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