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Skimkim Yummies: Michelada

I know I did a Latin drink last post (Horchata!), but this is SO PERTINENT! This coming Sunday, Skimkim will be at Kimchipalooza serving up, you guessed it, MICHELADAS.

This Latin beer cocktail is said to be the hangover cure, similar to a Bloody Mary, except made with a pilsner or lager. There are many stories as to it’s origin but it basically means, “My Cold Beer” or “Mixed Cold Beer.”

For our version, I make a Korean red pepper salt rim and garnish with a lime. Here’s the secret: Bloody Kim Jong-il Mix. It’s our signature Bloody Mary cocktail mix that is perfect for these summer brewsky drinks. The base of the Bloody Kim Jong-il is kimchi brine from our market fresh Skimchee and then some tomato juice. If you are in NYC this weekend, you have two opportunities to catch us: 1) Saturday we’ll be at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, 2) Sunday at Kimchipalooza, Governor’s Island, 12-5pm. We’re having kimchi eating/making/cooking contests all day. And you can drink all the Skimkim Michelada’s your latinkoreanphile heart desires. Here’s more info on our blog, Beautifuls.

If you are making your own Michelada at home. It’s super easy. Throw some coarse salt on a napkin or plate, rim your glass with a slice of lime, lightly run the rim into the salt. Add ice to the glass. Pour about 2 oz. of Bloody Mary mix (ours works best, duh), then fill glass with Corona/Tecate/Modelo. Garnish with a slice of lime! If you want it really spicy, dash some hot sauce or sriracha in there.

Note: The Bloody Kim Jong-il Mix is also featured on the bar menu at Oro Bakery & Bar in Nolita, NYC. The Michelada is death-worthy. If you need the mix for your own use, get it here, at the store. Look how delicious they do it up at Oro!

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