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She’s Got Sole: LA Gear LA Lights


Re-live the good old days!

Man I miss the 90s. The cartoons were better, there were no bills, and we had the coolest sneakers EVER as kiddos! Every 80s baby remembers the epic LA Gear commercial. You know, the one where the kids were playing on the basketball court and the blinking bottoms of their shoes resembled an extraterrestrial spacecraft? Yeah, that one.

The good LA Gear guys and gals are allowing us to re-live our childhood. I thought they forgot about us too. They didn’t. The LA Lights sneaker looks a lot like out OGs, but with a futuristic twist. No more solid black either. There are 5 current colorways in rotation and all of them are metallic! The 2011 LA Lights also feature lights in the bottom of the sneaker that match the primary color of the shoe. Back in the day, all we had was red lights.

Interested in copping a pair? You can purchase online at the LA Gear site for $110 a pop. Not a bad price for being able to be a kid again.

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