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She’s Got Sole: JoJo Sneakers & Jeremy Scott Leopard Adidas

In this past decade we’ve experienced a rise in pollution, a major oil spill, and countless devastating natural disasters. Mother Nature seems to be pretty irritated with the mess we’ve made. To calm her down, more and more eco-friendly companies are popping up. One such company is the creation of Matthieu Vaxelaire and Christoph Nagel. The two 24-year-old Brussels natives came up with JoJo on a trip to South America in 2008. While abroad, the pair stumbled upon a lightweight, simple ‘sneaker’ made of bandages. It conformed to the foot providing ultimate comfort and was pretty easy to make.

Now, through a partnership with NGOs working on the ground, JoJos are mass produced in Brazil and provided a chic, simple alternative to the sneakers we’re familiar with. The sneakers are made completely of natural cotton and lace up via a bandage that resembles ribbon. Ca-yute! Not only are JoJo trainers adorable and easy to pair with anything, they’re also in cahoots with out beloved Mother Nature. Upon purchase you’re able to decide whether you want a portion of your cash to go towards the purchase of a tree for the ‘JoJo Forest’ in Niger or a water pump in Sierra Leone. Want more information on this cause? The JoJo website has background info on the company, its founders, and an online store as well.



Jeremy Scott is back again with another installment of his fuzzy, animal-inspired sneakers. The Spring/Summer 2012 Adidas sneaker features a fuzzy leopard print on a white background. The kids version of the shoe features a leopard head as the tongue and a tail attached to the heel. Although the adult counterpart doesn’t include the cranium tongue, it still has the long, winding tail. Be careful with these kicks ladies! The upper is completely covered in fur while the sole is solid white. When in doubt grab a sneaker cleaning kit and keep it handy just in case your leopard needs a little grooming.

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