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She’s Got Sole: Dee & Ricky, UNDFTD and Stance Vinyl Sneaker Figures

Sneaker news for the week of 07.11.11

This week, the sneaker news line was buzzing with way too many dope stories to narrow down to one. We have the re-birth of a classic brand, a long overdue accessory kit, and a little something for the creative sneakerheads. The 07.11.11 weekly roundup has me foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Keep reading and find out the deets!

Dee & Ricky x Pony Slam Dunks and Top Stars

Their Lego accessories have embellished the blazers, tees, and denims of some of our favorite superstars. Kanye West and Kid Cudi ring a bell? Thought so. They’ve also collaborated with major fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs and G-Shock. To say the least, twin designers Dee & Ricky have taken the fashion industry by storm and made one hell of a name for themselves. Now, the dynamic duo can scratch a sneaker collaboration off their bucket list. Pony loaned its Slam Dunk and Top Star sihlouettes to the creative masterminds and got the most animated sneakers known to the Pony brand. The Slam Dunk features a velcro upper so you can easily customize your kicks using the included letters and signature Pony V in an array of colors. The Top Star is neon leopard riddled and comes with neon green laces.

There’s no release date just yet. Be patient. We’ll keep you posted.

UNDFTD Sneaker Accessory Kit

UNDFTD is one of the front running streetwear brands. It’s latest release caters to those who care for their sneakers to the fullest. The accessory kit includes all the necessities to keep your sneakers so fresh and so clean: laces with laceclips ($8) , shoe horns ($3) , and a complete cleaning kit ($24). All pieces of the kit sport the easily identifiable 5 tally mark UNDFTD logo. Everything is available for purchase now at the UDFTD webstore.

Stance Collection Vinyl Sneaker Figurines

Vinyl toys are all the rage these days. Most are in the forms of cartoon characters or humans. Not anymore. Stance Collection developed a blank, vinyl sneaker figurine that is fully customizable. The 6-inch high figurine resembles a high top sneaker and is marker, pen, and paint friendly. Just imagine a Dunny or Munny in the shape of a shoe. It even comes with its own cardboard shoebox and Stance logo on the sole! For $25 that’s a steal. Whether you want to re-create you favorite pair of sneaks or want to let your imagination run wild, Stance Collection has allowed all shoe lovers to bring out their inner Tinker Hatfield.

Image Layout: Aeramis

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    The Multicolored leopard with its neon accents is fun for summer.


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