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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – The Second Coming of Lady Gaga’s Heartbeats

Just be careful which side you insert in your ear

New year, new album, and a new pair of headphones bearing her name.  That’s how Lady Gaga rolls.  After all, she was born that way (babe).  Somehow she found time between dealing with Judas and being on the edge of glory to design version 2.0 of her Heartbeats in-ear headphones.

Last year’s version was flashy; this year it’s all about audio S&M.  The previous models triangular design has been ditched in favor of a single circular stud.  The cables feature a series of triangular studs and a faux-snakeskin pattern that extends around the earpiece.  The inspiration?  None other than Gaga’s leather jackets (like the one she rocked in the Telephone video…poor Tyrese).

These headphones aren’t all about looks, however.  For one thing they can be used to make phone calls from any smartphone thanks to a built-in mic and ControlTalk Universal functionality.  For another they feature passive  noise cancellation.  The Heartbeats also promise high performance sound and deep base, a must if you plan on thumping to Marry The Night on the morning subway ride to work.

Heartbeats v2 is available now through the Beats by Dre online store (she once again worked with them to produce them) and other fine retailers in either black (with black studs) or white (with gold studs) for $149.95.

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