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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Swatch x Kid Robot Collection

Kid Rohbot Swatc

Swatch, meet Kid Robot

You know McDonald’s Happy Meals?  Don’t front. I’m sure you were all about them back in your childhood.  It’s a brilliant idea, really.  Who doesn’t like paying for stuff and getting free stuff to go along with it?  Sadly, as an adult, getting a Happy Meal doesn’t bring the same kind of gratification that it used to (and might earn you dirty looks if you don’t have children).  But fear not for Swatch and Kid Robot have teamed up to bring you something even better: an eight watch collection with matching 3-inch Dunny’s.

It’s a match made in heaven, more so than the combination of bananas and peanut butter on bread.  Kid Robot is known for having artists use toys as a canvas for expressing themselves.  Swatch is known for having artists use watches as a canvas for expressing themselves.  Now the two worlds are colliding, bringing you eight watches and Dunny’s by artists including Frank Kozik, MAD, Jeremyville, SSUR, Tara McPherson, Tilt, Joe Ledbetter, and Gary Basmen.  Each watch  has its limited edition number (1-300) and comes in a special package.  They’ll set you back $70, but the toy that comes with each watch is way cooler than what  you’d get in a Happy Meal.

The Swatch x Kid Robot collaborative series will drop in Swatch and Kid Robot retailers around the world (and online) starting September 1st.

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