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M.I.S.S. Muses: Innovation Kitchen

Whether you’re into sneakers or Nike or neither, the process they go through in the Innovation Kitchen is inspiring. I recently saw a youtube video on their new Hyperfuse technology and a peek on its development in the Innovation Kitchen. They may not turn food out of this kitchen, but a lot of other goodness is cooked up.

In Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, different backgrounds, minds, and experts and minds, from materials experts, designers, and bio-mechanists, work in a shared area, separated from the day-to-day grind of production, marketing, and selling. The intention of the lab is to allow for innovation and Nike’s Tinker Hatfield has explained, “We’re not so much tied into the sales of shoes. We’re here to improve athletic performance.” There they all get to incubate new ideas, collaborate, share, develop, test, experiment, play, and create. They work with what they’re inspired by and can in turn inspire other Nike members across other product segments and lines. New technology is made and creative endeavors grow.

The Nike Hyperfuse technology, where materials bonded together through heat and pressure instead of stitching, took about 2 years to develop for basketball shoes. Once developed there, the research and information were passed along so other designers and segments could use Hyperfuse for their shoes, sports, and products they work on. So many observations went into coming up with Hyperfuse and its birth came from thoughts of how to make things better and improve on how basketball shoes are put together. It’s great to see so much thought goes into a shoe, is tweaked with the end user in mind, and is passed along so other developers can use, too. Can you imagine how much greatness would come out if we all took such pride in what we make and really put thought into it?

Watch the video with Shane Kohatsu, Nike Basketball Innovation Lead, and Ben Shaffer, Innovation Lead for Nike Sportswear, walk through thoughts and process with Hyperfuse, and get as inspired as I am by it.

Also check out the animated video walking through Shane and Ben’s sharing.

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