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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Efficient Clothes Packing

People have asked me how I pack so lightly and manage not to look like a hot mess when out on the road. Really, it happens. I: 1) travel so much I get plenty of practice and 2) am naturally into figuring out how things fit best, so I do tend to be skilled at making what I pack work and doing it in a reasonable amount of space. If you could use some tips/need to cut down from the extra stuff you don’t use and makes your luggage overweight, check out how I’ve packed my latest trip in one bag:

Start with some staples.

This packing was done for three weeks away, for caring for and playing with babies, working out, meeting up with people, and doing some business meetings. Since my trip is NY –> CA, I had to account for cooler temperatures and of course, what to be comfy in while traveling.

On the left, you see I opted for a cotton blazer cut to throw on if I want to business an outfit up, and on the right is my go-to travel cardigan and scarf (that doubles as a wrap) for cool nights, being by the beach, and travel comfort.

Choose tops and bottoms that mix and match.

Above left is what I’ve dubbed my “uniform”- a black cotton v-neck pocket tee. I wear it with skirts, pants, blazers, leggings, just about anything. Styled differently it can go out or hang out casually. If you ever see me on the road, you will probably see me in it at some point, maybe even twice in one trip. Seriously, find yourself an item that is as versatile as this and that can be your go-to in case you hate things you’ve packed and want to change outfits. I have a variety of other tops (one per day I’m away, plus layering pieces, plus 2 extra days of tops) and finally a pair of jean shorts and a pair of black harem pants from ModCloth that I adore. (I wore my jeans on the plane, so those were calculated in my pre-planned outfits, too). Again, denim and my beloved pants can be dressed up or down and I made about four outfit options around each bottom.

Include a LBD.

My versions of the little black dress are more on the casual end of the spectrum, but not inappropriate for anything I have planned. (On the left is a maxi dress from Castles Couture, on the right is a sleeveless, knee-length BB Dakota number.) The point of the little black dress is to be a solid piece you can wear to functions and feel great it, so be sure to include your equivalent, even if you don’t anticipate anything fancier than sweatpants (you never know who you may meet and what you want to do!).

Account for your workout.

Maybe it means yoga, maybe it’s running for you, or perhaps it’s a simple swimsuit. Below are the yoga pants and tops I packed with running shoes, which worked for walks, yoga, and pajamas.

Choose your shoes.

I actually started with knowing I wanted my Senso “Indigo” lace ups to run around town in and Irregular Choice “Gabes Girl” wedges for other affairs. I knew I’d also want sandals for the beach and to fit into SoCal fashion, plus Bensimon shoes to get in and out of easily at security checkpoints in airports.


Accessories tend to be the smallest things to pack and are able to change an outfit’s look. I also make sure to bring a small purse in addition to my everyday large bag, and I always bring belts. Also packed (that you don’t see here) are changeable earrings, rings, and my favorite necklaces.

Here’s how my suitcase looked after packing all of the above into it (note, I roll my clothes to save space and for less wrinkles):

Then I added toiletries, make up, curling iron, stuffed underwear and socks into shoes (again, use every bit of space), and voilà!

I even had room to spare. :)

Happy packing!

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