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From the Bay to LA: French-Vanilla, Butter-Pecan, Chocolate-Deluxe…

“Even caramel sundaes is gettin’ touched…” Now I know Meth wasn’t talking about ice cream, but that’s all I can think about when I hear this track. Maybe it’s the summer heat and cut off shorts, but a scoop from one of my favorite creameries makes the summer scene perfect. In case you get the Jones for some cold cream (sorbet, sherbet, whatever tickles your fancy), here are my favorite choices from the Bay to L.A.

In San Francisco you have to stop by Mitchell’s Ice Cream on San Jose & 29th. I grew up on this stuff. They have been serving yumminess since 1953. With classics like Vanilla and Oreo Cookie, to my faves Kahlua Mocha Cream and Tropical 4 (and the sometimes specially made Lilikoi Delight), there is something for everyone! They are open until 11 PM so it’s perfect for a late-dinner dessert… or just a close-to-midnight craving.

Moving East but staying North, you have Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland, open since 1894! They have the ice cream sundae down. I haven’t gone too crazy with the flavor tasting, but their Vanilla is delish! It’s a great little date spot or just somewhere to go and share an ice cream with someone. Trust: these sundaes are serious.  They serve food – burgers, mac’n’cheese and other American classics – but I go for the ice cream. Another late night spot, you can get your fix till midnight Fridays and Saturdays, and until 11 PM the rest of the week.

At first L.A. was cruel when I had a hankering for some fresh ice cream, but then I discovered a couple little wonders:

The Manhattan Beach Creamery not only makes ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and frozen bananas, but your ice cream also comes with the optional stroll on the beach. I always have a frozen banana and convince whoever I’m with to try an ice cream sandwich so I can eat off theirs.

L.A. Creamery is a sleek new shop in the Americana in Glendale.  Open space shopping, sunny L.A. skies, and sweet, cold dessert…sounds like an afternoon to me. With an extensive list of flavors and some interesting concepts (Tennessee Whiskey Ice Cream!) there is something here for everyone. I love the Tahitian Vanilla Bean and the Lime-Ade, and will be working my way down the menu in taster spoons (not sure about a whole scoop of Whiskey).

“Ice cream is happiness condensed.”  -Jessi Lane Adams

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4 Responses to “From the Bay to LA: French-Vanilla, Butter-Pecan, Chocolate-Deluxe…”

  1. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    Do you remember Farrell’s in Daly City back in the day? When they would play the big base drum if it was your birthday?

    I miss that spot!

  2. Mayette May says:

    I LOVE your choices! Mitchell’s, Fenton’s, and Loards Ice Cream are my top faves! Although some people dine at Fenton’s, I suggest going there solely for the ice cream, not the food.

  3. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    I love Fenton’s! Especially their Black & Tan substituting the vanilla ice cream for their coffee cookie crunch (?). Doesn’t hurt that they’re featured in the movie UP.

  4. Dre Dre says:

    Farrell’s sounds really familiar but I can’t place it…. Loards is another good one! My cousin worked there for a minute, and I always got the hook-up, lol. I have never had dinner at Fenton’s either, a sundae always beats out a burger. They were in UP! but a ton of people had no idea they were a real ice cream place. At least people that aren’t from the Bay.


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