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Fashion Meets Music: Sky Ferreira

At 19 with a mess of blonde hair, a childlike grin, and lyrics that hint at a maturity well beyond her years, LA born and bred Sky Ferreira is Humbert Humbert’s dream girl whose age would keep him off of the next episode of To Catch a Predator. Skeevy old man appeal aside, this doe-eyed model/singer has been blowing up the blogosphere with her gospel trained voice since before she was old enough to drive.

Unlike another LA born, Internet it-girl who was picked as Nylon’s darling and faded from the collective conciseness all before she was old enough to buy her own drinks, Sky Ferreira is the real deal. She brought Michael Jackson to tears when she sang for him at 11 years old, she was signed to Parlophone Records at 17 after catching the eye of Swedish producers Bloodshy & Avant when she sent them her demo two years prior, and appeared in Uffie’s Nylon editorial come to life video for “Pop the Glock” in 2009. After gaining a legion of devoted fans through the release of tracks like “God Bless” via Myspace, back when Tom had more friends than Mark Zuckerberg, Sky began work on her first full length album which has since been postponed due to the release of her EP As If! Prior to the release of As If! in March, Sky dropped the videos for her singles “17”, “One”, and “Obsession” all of which were made for the younger half of the MTV generation with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics, edgy girl next door style, and infectious hooks. While her voice may be the main draw, her look has editors and designers drooling from here to Tokyo.
While Sky may appear dolled up in couture from head to toe in the pages of Dazed & Confused, Interview, Purple, Jalouse, and Vs., this not so girly model of sorts is a master of lazy girl chic. Like most lazy girls, Sky knows and exploits the power to confuse people into thinking you are wearing a full face of make-up by swiping on red lipstick and mascara. She also flexes her lazy girl power by leaving her brush at home and letting her massive amounts of wavy hair fly free, blessing every non-outfit outfit she wears with a hint of hippie/surfer chick LA flair. Between her advanced degree in “I just rolled out of bed, put on the first things I saw and I still look better than whatever your stylist pulled for you” and the fact that at 19 her metabolism and late night party schedule haven’t even begun to catch up with her, it should come as no surprise that she was tapped to star in Calvin Klein’s new CK One campaign.

Although Sky may not be able to bring the booze to your next house party, her talent, charm, and wit will land her on the invite list, if only to ensure that a handful of cute guys who have no chance with her will show up the second she confirms on Facebook. After peeping how this girl just oozes star potential in her videos, judge for yourself if her career will last longer than that other Internet model/muse

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