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Do Women Play Well With Other Women?

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Did you know the US women’s soccer team is kicking ass?  There is a Women’s World Cup happening right now. Did you know? Probably not. Not many do. The lack of advertisement would make it hard to find out.

Is there no interest in women’s sports? I’m not saying women’s teams don’t have their fans. They do, however they are no where comparable to men’s teams . Financially, they are not yet able to stand on their own. Why have women’s teams not been able to build successful franchises?

Maybe it has to do that they are babies in the grand scheme of sports, or the concept of women playing sports it too new age for the masses. Maybe, just maybe it’s that they haven’t spent the time, money and energy to create financial success for these teams.

I don’t think they quite know how to market women’s teams to make them profitable. These women have talent. They are also women: mothers, daughters, wives. This part is rarely seen. We don’t see the background and story on these women, the points that help the audience connect and identify. The stories that engage fans and create loyalty.

It’s as much the media’s fault as it is our own. How many women/ girls do you know that “don’t get along with other females”? We have been taught that we are each others worst enemy. Sadly we often are.

Women coming together to work towards one common goal is inconceivable for most. When do they start fighting or making out? What happens when one of them is on their period and in a bad mood? Of course we as women fall prey to these stereotypes. These false ideas that we can not separate personal wants and issues from group needs. That as women we are too emotional to put feelings aside and work together, that as the “weaker” sex we can’t and won’t succeed because of our emotions.

If you put 15 people to work together day and day out they are bound to have their differences. Men, women, children it doesn’t matter. However, of those groups women are the ones that are least expected to build relationships, bonds and most importantly success. We are supposedly catty, bitchy, competitive, and insecure. Most would agree, most would say that this is why they don’t get along with women. News flash to all of you who don’t get along well with women, guess what boo?  You are a woman.

We have made progress. Sports teams, Congress, CEOs, and women owned businesses. We are moving forward, but we have a long way to go. Let’s be honest, this is still a man’s world.

I’m not saying we need to all get along, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. That’s unrealistic. However we do need to stop bringing each other down. We have to acknowledge each other as individuals and respect each other as women. We are the majority, yet our inability to unite has made us the biggest group that faces inequality and discrimination.

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One Response to “Do Women Play Well With Other Women?”

  1. chanel says:

    Right on!I think that if we would back each other up to be more out going and welcome each other like we did in preschool hahaah..we’d be alot more easygoing and less defensive. And ultimately just go for anything.


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