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Design Link List: 07.30.2011

One of the things I absolutely must do before I die is go on a safari! While I probably love TV wildlife specials more than most normal 2o-somethings, I have a feeling watching a lion on Planet Earth is nowhere near as thrilling as watching one gnaw on a zebra in its natural habitat. Unfortunately for me, safaris take time and lots of money, and I don’t have either. For now, I’ll just have to content myself with fun safari themed novelties for my apartment. Here are a few favorites:

– A neon green lion plant holder…everyone needs one! And thanks to Etsy shop CrazyCouture, everyone can have one!

– Savannah themed rugs from Anthropologie. These adorable fluffy rugs are the perfect apartment size and, better yet–they are on sale!

– Crotcheted hunting trophies by artist Nathan Vincent.  How amazing would these guys look hanging above the old fireplace?

– The “Pack-Rack” necklace holder by designer Steph Mantis.  What a unique and whimsical way to keep your necklaces from getting tangled!

– The Yes, Yes Shawl zebra print scarf.  Add some pop and pizzazz to a neutral outfit with this vivid scarf!

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