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Design Link List 07.22.2011

A massive heat wave rolling through the Northeast has left us feeling hot hot hot. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so happy to spend eight hours a day straight in my (heavily) air-conditioned office! Here are some warm weather-inspired goods that I particularly enjoy this week.

– Fancy ice cubes from  You’re hot, you’re sweaty, let’s face it–you’re not feeling your most fabulous. Why not add a little bling to your beverage?!  You can even pretend these faceted ice cubes are real diamonds… at least until they melt!

The Beach Thingy Beach Chair! Don’t you just LOVE when functional objects are also fun? I do, but then again… I’m kind of a nerd.  This abstract beach chair is super easy to set up–just stick it in the sand,et voila! Your very own loungey beach seat!

–  A Pucci Beach Towel.  What could be more luxurious than a big fluffy brightly colored designer beach towel? That’s right… not much.

Shangri La Cocktail Picks. Whether you are throwing a summer dinner party or are simply feeling a little festive, these adorable resin picks are the perfect addition to a fresh, fruity cocktail.  Added perk–they are much more eco-friendly than their tissue paper predecessors.

A sexy retro one piece.  When it comes to sultry swimwear, very seldom does less equal more!  This summer, why not channel your inner pin-up! Try setting aside that Brazilian bikini for a vintage-inspired one piece.

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