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Design Insider: Missoni Home Offers Luxurious Housewares

MIssoni Home Goods

Missoni appears to be having a moment. With recent collaborations with brands like Havianas and Converse, and a much anticipated line for Target launching this September, the Italian house seems to be popping up everywhere–proving that “classic” doesn’t have to mean “dated.”

A family run Italian fashion house made famous by its iconic knitwear, Missoni was created over 50 years ago by Rosita and Ottavio Missoni. The brand quickly gained acclaim for it’s brightly colored zig-zag pattern, and while the cuts of clothing have changed to remain constant with evolving trends in fashion, very little has changed about the classic Missoni prints. Today, the name Missoni is synonymous with luxury and refinement.

It’s only logical then, that the brand would create a line of accessories for the home, operating along the same principles as the apparel label. Missoni Home’s housewares are bright, bold and playful; the epitome of glamour!  With Rosita still in creative control, I would expect nothing less. Unfortunately for working 20-something’s like me, these opulent home goods come with a hefty price tag–think $405 a candle!!  While I would love to festoon my apartment with these vivid cushions and rich knit throws, I may have to content myself with knock-offs for a while.  But, the collection certainly gives me something to aspire to.  It’s good to dream, right?

missoni home goods

1. Missoni’s iconic print pops up in an unlikely form; The Torta Four-Wick Wax Candle.

2. This floral pillow adds a pop of color to any living room; The Lobelia Cushion.

3. A playful candle shaped like a ball of string; The Gomitolo Wax Candle.

4. Talk about a fashionable way to carry your groceries… Eco-friendly has never been so pretty; The Lipki Canvas Tote.

5. A luxurious beach accessory; The Malika Geometric Print Towel.

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  1. Dre Dre says:

    Very great transition from clothes to home ware. I see this collection and can see the brand. Lovely


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