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We Got The Beat : Jesse Boykins

Yes please! Jesse Boykins is one of the smooth kids coming out of the “new” New York. He is bringing back the romance to R&B music, starting up where artists like Maxwell and D’Angelo left off, he is helping to usher in a new movement in soul music. Since age 16, Jesse has been pursuing his musical career when he was selected out of the nation to be 1 of 13 singers in the Grammy Jazz Ensemble. He has studied with classical trainer Kenneth Kamal Scott and soul artist Bilal. In 2008 Jesse entered into the mainstream music scene with his first release Dopamine: My Life On My Back. His first single from that album, Tabloids peaked at #2 on the Billboard Video Monitor and later that year, followed up with The Beauty Created.

In 2010 Jesse was nominated for a Soul Train Award and was tapped by BET to be a part of the Music Matters Campaign. He later went on to headline the worldwide tour, Romantic Movement Tour. Although 2010 was only, well, a year away – Jesse’s sounds and style has evolved a lot! Now working with producer Machine Drum on this 3rd full length release Love Apparatus, we are getting peaks into his new sound. With more world influences and sounds, more eclectic sounds and more sexy lyrics – this is set to be a career defining release. His first single, “B4 the Night is Thru”, showcases his new find style is an way that hits you instantly. When looking back over his body of work, his first two release definitely bring a lot to the table, however his release of remixes and covers show is influences and playfulness.

Jesse says about his music, “I create World Soul that marks moments in time. Each time I introduce new music to my fans I want it to become a defining part of their lives as much as it is a part of mine.”

So what is to come from out cooler than cool crooner? Other than his UK tour dates and the release of Love Appartus, taking over the fashion world with his aw-inspiring style with Street Etiquette.  Hear what this amazing looking young man sounds like by checking out his live performance clip below. To hear more from him and his past records, spend some time on his website, Jesse III Music.

EP06 Jesse Boykins III Pt. 02 from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “We Got The Beat : Jesse Boykins”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    Wow, he’s super sexy too! Look at that style!!

  2. Yanna Beau says:

    So hot right!? That boy is a problem 😉


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