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Nails Did: Disco Nails?

Have you heard the term “Disco Nails” more than once this past month?  That’s because they are in girl! Get your nails on this season’s hottest trends and hook your nails up by blinging them out to get that disco look.

Material needed: To get this look you will need glitter polish and rhinestones and nail glue

Step 1: Paint your nails a solid color only applying 1 coat to your nails and let dry

Step 2: Apply your favorite glitter polish on but not to heavy! You be applying up to 3 coats for a more full on effect. Let dry for 10 min.

Step 3: Grab your Rhinstones and go to town! You can use nail glue for this or top coat polish to stick them in place. When you are done apply a top coat and let dry.

Ta Da! Your nails are ready! this is a very easy to do nail set but beware! Glitter is very difficult to come off be prepared to get the acetone ready when your disco days are over.

Let us know what other nail sets you want to see posted so we can fill your nail porn desires 😉

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