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Nails Did: Brand Your Nails

Writing on walls, sometimes writing on hands but do you write on your nails?

Recently I’ve seen a lot more logo nails and Letter nails that form into words. These nails have always made a statement. So here’s my take on this scene with acrylic, pink polish and a black striper brush.

Step 1: Acrylics are not necessary but the longer the nails the better! (Gives you more room to work with) First paint your nails a solid color no shimmers or metallic’s I think it works best on plain lacquer. Apply 2 coats and then let dry for 10 minutes under a fan.

Step 2: Use your black art striper pen you can find these at any Sally’s or beauty supply stores and start painting! Try to avoid using too much paint on your striper this will avoid drips and blots. If you want you can use a different color polish to color the inside of your diamonds and hearts but make sure its fully dry before you start outlining
I would leave the thumbs out for something special since you only see your thumbs when you text 😉

Step 3: Apply top coat!

Hearts, horoscope signs, & diamonds oh my!! How do you brand your nails?

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One Response to “Nails Did: Brand Your Nails”

  1. Ash S Ash S says:

    I love this idea. I always wanted to showcase holidays, sporting events, and other special events this way!


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