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My Latest Obsession: Summer Bags

My Latest Obsession: Summer Bags

My Latest Obsession: Summer Bags

Since I wrote about Summer Reads last week, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about where those summer reads go, which is in a very stylish bag! Of course, one handbag certainly doesn’t fit all and summer activities definitely call for something different than what you typically carry around.  I had fun this week indulging in my love of totes and clutches and here are my picks for summer bags that will remind you of some fun you had in the sun, or bring a little bit of that beach attitude to your day. Enjoy!

For the Beach (or just look like you went to one):

I have a secret love for woven totes. I think it goes back to when I was a kid and my mom gave me a red straw bag to tote my books and sunglasses around for visits to the beach. They’re classic and very nostalgic for me. The sunflowers on the outside of this Milly Appliqued Straw Basket Tote is very similar to that tote I had when I was little, so I’m absolutely in love with it. I also fancy this Aztec Bag from BCBG, this Farmer’s Market Tote from J. Crew, this Sunday Straw Tote from Juicy Couture and you can’t beat the price on this Straw Rosette Tote from Old Navy. Pick your favorite and I’ll see you out on the beach!

Totes that Hold Everything:

If you’re like me, you love carrying big totes about. I’ve usually got a notebook and a book that I constantly carry around with me, so I need something big enough to hold everything, without looking like I’m carrying a lot with me. Who cares if this is labeled as a weekend bag by Urban Outfitters? It’s big enough to carry everything for work, and you’ll also look like you’re headed out for a trip (even if it’s Tuesday). I also like Anthropologie’s Nomad Scarf Bag and Orla Kiely’s Summer Flower Stem Dorothy Bag. These will look great with jeans, or flirty dresses as the summer heats up.


Sometimes, you just want something a little smaller to carry around so you don’t look like you’re packing anything and everything inside your handbag. Check out these lovely options! I know that you can’t fit a book inside these little beauties, but it’s a very stylish holder for the books you can read on your iPhone or Droid. Some of my favorites are this Hand Stitched Vintage Rose Clutch Bag by Jigsaw, this Floral Print Cotton Clutch by Milly and Banana Republic’s Sasha Patent Clutch (especially in green). Pair them with some tailored shorts, your favorite button-down or comfy tee and some killer heels.

Have fun shopping for the perfect addition(s) to your summer wardrobe. I hope it includes a book!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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