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Miss Van and AnaoAna present: Oddities

They’re baaaaaaaack! Miss Van and AnaoAna collaborate once again to present their new MVA Collection: Oddities. This collection is exudes in a feminine sophisticated colorful darkness. Each of the characters is created in great detail under a romantic and melancholic veil. The materials used for this collection are diverse: some of them are flowy chiffons, and varied cottons with different outstanding finishes and contrasting prints (provoking a major color explosion) alongside others that tend towards the washed effect, reproducing the finish of an old photograph.

The pieces in the Oddities collection include: skirts, t-shirts, leggings and scarves. Miss Van and AnaoAna wanted the collection to be comfortable, while paying attention to subtle details to make each piece unique. Look out for buttons, fringes, gatherings and the silhouettes.

The Miss Van and AnaoAna Universe is growing to the point of evolving into an accentuated ambiguity through their characters, attracting us with a strange feeling into the unknown.

The remainder of the collection can be seen below, and can be purchased HERE.

Images by: FEESH

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