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Mama’s Kitchen: Fresh Lemonade

fresh lemonade

Nothing says summer like a glass of fresh lemonade. Actually, I love lemonade all year long but it tastes more delicious in the summer for some reason. I’m very particular about my lemonade – I only drink the freshly made variety. (Except when I was a kid I drank the powder variety until my sister made me a glass that was literally neon yellow). Like everything, I like my lemonade sweet. Not like candy, but close to candy. I have a quick recipe for fresh lemonade, the most time consuming part of this is squeezing the lemons. Whether or not life gives you lemons, make lemonade 😉

Fresh Lemonade Ingredients
•    1 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice (depending on the size and juiciness of the lemons between 3 and 7 lemons)
•    1 Cup of Ice
•    1 Cup of Sugar
•    4 Cups of Water
1.  Put sugar, lemon juice, ice and 1 cup of water in a blender and blend.
2. Pour the mixture in a pitcher, add the remaining 3 cups of water and stir.
That’s it! Enjoy!

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One Response to “Mama’s Kitchen: Fresh Lemonade”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    Yum! Would really love some lemonade right now too, cannot wait to try this recipe.


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