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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Incase Audio

Incase headphones

Incase Audio coming in September

Prepare to have your minds blown into a million, gooey, pieces.  Remember Incase?  You should.  Seems like the company is churning out all sorts of new Apple related accessories for me to write about every half second.  They usually focus on soft and hard products to protect your expensive investments, occasionally dabbling in bag design (like the all important skateboard bag you can’t leave home without).  Now the company is embarking on a totally new frontier for them: headphones.

Dubbed Incase Audio, the upcoming line will feature four different designs: the Capsule (in ear), the Pivot (on ear), The Reflex (on ear), and the Sonic (over the ear).  Each headphone features a gracefully curvy, minimalistic design with a soft-touch matte finish offering an understated appearance.  Sound wise Incase promises a natural sound that accurately reproduces whatever you’re listening to (Kidz Bop, anyone?).  The ability to adjust your headphones according to your preference (and, I suppose, ear size) should help in getting you to hear that natural sound, keeping external noises far away from your precious eardrums.

These are supposed to be dropping sometime in September.  No word on price yet.

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