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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: iDapt i1 Eco-Friendly Universal Charger

iDapt i1 Universal Charger

Charge all your mobile devices with the iDapt i1 Universal Charger

One of the things I hate about traveling (other than the constantly changing air pressure on flights that wreaks havoc on my ears) is having to bring along 70,000 different chargers to power my devices.  I’ve got one for the Nintendo DS, one for the iPhone, one for my cell phone, and another for the digital camera.  Not only do I have to remember to bring them all along with me, but I have to remember to put them all back in my luggage before leaving…and that’s not so easy to do when you’re scrambling to check out of you’re hotel to make your flight on time.

One way to get around this problem is the iDapt i1 universal charger.  The iDapt uses interchangeable tips with one end fitting the iDapt and the other whatever random portable device you can throw at it.  It comes with one for mini and micro USB as well as a 30 pin dock connector.  There’s also a USB port on the side so you could do a little multi-tasking and charge two things at the same time.

As for the eco-friendly factor, the iDapt turns itself off after your device has finished charging.  It’s a small thing, but energy conservation can go a long way to improving the environment (really!).

The iDapt i1 is available right now for $25 at iDapt’s online store.

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