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M.I.S.S. Muses: Signing with Love

In a recent email from my tattoo artist, I noticed that he signed it, “Love, Dave.” I love and adore him, but I was not expecting such a sweet sign off. And based on the tone of the rest of his email, I felt he really sent me love, and was touched that he did so.
When I sign off letters, cards, emails, etc., I take a minute to think about what I’m writing. I hate getting “Best” from people because I’m not quite sure what that means, and I often find it’s attached to their name in their automatic signature. In emails with the customer service support lady I work with, I see a lot of “Thanks, Stella,” but it’s because I really am thanking her and almost all the time our correspondence pertains to her somehow helping me. Oh, and I don’t like “xoxo” from people I don’t know or am not comfortable getting kisses and hugs from. It feels fake.  I’m mindful of how I sign things, originally because I didn’t like how people signed things I saw, and now because I like to communicate what I intend, and a signature is one more spot to do so.
It’s like greeting and leaving someone: are you so comfortable words aren’t really needed? Would it be nice to express that comfort via words at times? Is it always with a hug? Do you prefer handshakes? Are you still getting to know them, but really fond of them? First impressions and how you leave someone are important, even for someone you’ve seen every day for the past 20 years; you can set or change the tone of your interaction, day, relationship. Be conscious of how you sign, and make it count.
Love to each of you,
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