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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Summer Weekend Getaway from NYC

New York, I love you, but sometimes you can bring one down. Especially in the heat and humidity of summer, when shared subway sweat and broken air conditioners get beyond frustrating, it’s time for a getaway. Even if you love the Big Apple, we all need a vacation sometimes, so check out these quick trips for Northeasterners.

1) Montreal, Canada: Grab your passport and head north to beautiful Montreal! Depending on how much you stop during your East Coast drive, you’ll arrive  in the French-Canadian city between seven to ten hours from leaving NYC. There’s plenty to do in Canada’s second largest city, with special summer shows and tours coming through this year. Montrealers love to walk, so in a small distance you can navigate between neighborhoods and attractions. Or, if you’re into it, bike it! Bonus: make it a longer getaway and stop along the coast up or back.

2) Atlantic City, NJ: I’m always shocked with how many east coasters make the quick trip to Atlantic City, but you know what? They’re on to something. From casinos to the ocean to spas, this NJ getaway spot has something for every taste if you look for it. You can cruise the beach boardwalk, check out a music show, partake in their nightlife, or indulge through food and massage. Even if Jersey isn’t your first pick to escape to, there are so many different types of things to do, watersports enthusiasts and gamblers and loafers alike can all agree on the city. Bonus: take the Atlantic City Express Service (ACES) train, where you can kick back for 2.5 hours, starting at $29.

3) Montauk, NY: A quick drive (planned for off-peak hours) or Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train ride will get you to the seaside spot to meet anyone you like in Montauk. With six state parks, lighthouses, fishing, surfing, and stretches of beach to just take in, you can choose to be active or chill in the non-Hamptonesque part of the Hamptons. Since enough New Yorkers frequent the area, you’ll find good dining and shopping by NYC standards, so you get the taste minus the cluster of the city. Bonus: add wine to your trip and visit local vineyards.

If none of the above are quite your taste, check out Escape Maker to choose your city and how long you’re willing to travel, and check out a list of other places you can get to for a weekend.

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