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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 12

We have our roundup of favorites from this week’s #ManiMonday, sent to us by our ever-so-loyal followers on twitter and facebook. We’re noticing a trend of pinks this week. But we’re not complaining! It all definitely looks good for the warm weathers of summertime to come.

Remember when we used to have nails did/sneaker calendar shoots? Ya, I do too. Reminiscing over @sneaksfreakk's ensemble right now

@ashyee_sade never disappoints a la tribalesque keith haring

Sunny shot with a side of pretty in pinks from @ponyp

Appreciate @meeshellzbellz matte animal style steez!

You can't go wrong with sparkly nails when the sun is bound to shine on them @jilili1

Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to not only follow us but to also send in Twitpics of your nails to @MissOmniMedia, every Monday for #ManiMonday. Until next week, keep them nails dipped and dapper and you might just catch them on our site!

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2 Responses to “Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 12”

  1. Ash S Ash S says:

    Loving the nails did sneaker combo!! Let’s bring back the calendar!!

  2. Michelle says:

    finally made the cut… what a way to make my Friday!!!! Love #manimondays!


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