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Fashion Meets Film: Can’t Hardly Wait

Yep! I can't, I really can't.

I get a little nostalgic this time of year. Not because of the summer heat slowly working its way forward but because it reminds me of new beginnings; it reminds me of high school graduation.

Mine wasn’t that long ago (2008 to be exact) but when I was even younger, I remember dreaming about how it was going to be a huge milestone in my life, how it was going to be where I told the boy of dreams how I really felt about him and we would live happily ever after.

What's high school without a party?!

Yeah, that didn’t happen. But here’s a girl still wishing my high school graduation were something like the one in Can’t Hardly Wait.

Best friends since grade school.

Can’t Hardly Wait is not just a high school movie, it’s a love story. Preston Meyers has been in love with the super popular Amanda Beckett since freshman year. But of course she’s dating the equally popular Mike Dexter. Until now! Amanda is finally single, this is Preston’s big chance. So he and his alternative best friend Denise Fleming embark on their journey of last chances.

But this is high school, so nothing is what it seems and nothing works out like it’s supposed to, but you can sure bet everyone will look really good.

90's color blocking.

This movie was made in the 90’s so you already know the fashion will be amazing. I mean color blocking had a whole another meaning back then. Our lady Amanda Beckett wears a simple light blue tank top with a darker blue pencil skirt. Even when she is freshly dumped, this girl looks good.

You gang of girls need to look good too!

D-Bag uniforms.

Mike Dexter and his Goonies friends are all beefcakes who seem to be wearing shirts three sizes too small. With their gold dog tags, a beer always in one hand, and track pants they are ready to make the transition to high school douche bag to frat super douche bag.

Nothing like some nerd revenge.

The nerds, of course, are on the hunt for revenge in their tucked polo shirts with the pocket protectors. And yes people, that is Seth Green. Him and his friends are Eminem’s worst nightmare: white boys in sagging jeans, upside down backwards visors, “gold” chains, and goggles. Yes, goggles!

Really boys? Check a mirror or something.

She's so hipster because she was hipster BEFORE hipster.

Denise Fleming reeks of anti-high school. Her style is experimental with a hint of “F” you. A black lace cardigan over a deep purple tank top is all she needs to tell you who she is and how she feels about it all.

And Preston, well he’s a nice guy. He dresses like a nervous kid with a heart of gold, the type of guy that couldn’t button his own shirt. His look is a sweet kid meets “I got dressed in the dark.”

This movie is about settling those last scores from high school before you’re off to college. That’s what graduation is really all about…making sure you get the last word. And it does help if you look good doing it.

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