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Ask MISSter Simms – How to Deal With A Flirty Boyfriend

Got a Flirty Boyfriend?

Flirty boyfriend bringing you down? Keep reading...

Dear MISSter Simms,

I love my boyfriend, but he has this ability to make me feel like crap.  Not all the time.  Not even a lot of the time.  But sometimes he flirts with other girls right in front of me and expects everything to be OK afterward,  Of course, it’s not OK and I feel a little bit worthless when it happens.  I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to feel that way in a relationship, even if there are a lot of good times to balance it out.  What can I do to get my boyfriend to stop flirting, or should I just throw my hands up and walk away?  Help!

I Hate Flirts!

Dear IHF,

You’re absolutely right.  You shouldn’t be feeling like crap or worthless in any kind of relationship.  And while I don’t think flirting is wrong per se (as long as it remains just that), I do think it’s all kinds of disrespectful to be doing it up in  your face.  But before you go dumping your boyfriend (possibly into a river), here’s a couple of things you could do that might get him to stop even contemplating flirting ever again:

The evil glareAs soon as your boyfriend starts up his flirty routine, shoot him the evilest of evil glares imaginable.  Then shoot the girl he’s flirting with one too.  A nice, long, hard evil glare.  Burn a hole through her soul.  If that doesn’t deter her, feel free to step it up and notch and let her know she might be missing patches of hair if she isn’t gone in the next few seconds.

Counter flirt – Now I don’t normally endorse playing mind games with people buuuuut….find the hottest guy around, flirt with him, and your boyfriend (if he cares about you at all) should come running.  Hopefully he’ll even learn a valuable lesson about how you feel when he flirts with other girls.

Embaress him – In the middle of the flirting, feel free to blurt out something that might shame him or bring him to tears.  Anything is fair game: penis size, third or forth nipples…maybe he got drunk in college and boinked a pig once.  Do that often enough and he’ll get the hint.

Fake a medical condition – Turrets.  A Seizure.  Dry Heaves.  Doesn’t matter what it is, fake like there’s something wrong with you and as soon as the girl disappears and he comes to your aid, go back to being normal.  Hey…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

People (men and women alike) have a habit of doing anything they can get away with.  If you don’t tolerate it then eventually they’ll stop.  However,  Ii you don’t feel like your boyfriend is worth all that trouble then by all means feel free to dump him and find someone a little bit more respectful and sensitive to your needs.

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