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The Film Link List: 05.12.11

Whoa! It’s been a long time but the Film Link List is back! And just in time for the Summer Blockbusters.

No one wants to be a Bridesmaids but everyone will want to watch.

Coming out this weekend is Saturday Night Live’s funny lady Kristen Wiig with her film Bridesmaids, written by and starring her own brilliant self, along with another SNL alumni Maya Rudolph. After making the rounds of film festivals (premiering at South By SouthWest) it’s now having it’s theatrical release.

All you need is one mic.

Poetry isn’t for dead white guys anymore; in fact it’s not for adults anymore either, according to the wildly praised and heart-wrenching documentary Louder Than A Bomb The film follows four Chicago high-school students on a journey of writing, self-discovery, and completion.

Two great movies to stay in and watch.

Looking for the good movie for a night in? Well you’re in luck, because two films that you might have missed at the box office are the beautiful French animated film The Illusionist and Oscar-worthy drama Blue Valentine. They couldn’t be more different but both are worth watching and will be release on DVD on May 10th.

Now if you’re like me, you might be going through withdrawal from all the hot TV season finales. Don’t stress! This summer has some great TV premieres in the works, including HBO’s True Blood on June 3rd, AMC’s smashing hit Mad Men in July and funny red head Kathy Griffin’s My Life on The D-List, which returns to Bravo on June 15th.

True Men? or Mad Blood?!

Scream 4 just came out and the newest Saw movie is right around the corner, but before any of those fright movies were just glimmers in some wannabe’s nightmares, the King of Strange and Weird was Mr Stanley Kubrick. In my opinion, he was a genius. And now, French artist Wouisseth Martin has selected iconic Kubrick scenes, texts and amazing moments and compiled them into a short film highlighting Kubrick’s amazing body of work. If you call yourself a film buff, you can’t miss this one.

No one can touch the Great Stanley.

Nothing creepier than Twins in a Hotel hallway.

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3 Responses to “The Film Link List: 05.12.11”

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    Now I really want to see “Louder Than A Bomb.” I’m such a sucker for spoken word!

    Also, Bridesmaids looks hilarious! I’m going to have to catch that soon…

  2. Yay! See Louder Than A Bomb. One of my close friends Nate’s is actually one of the poets. The poetry is dope and the movie stays true to the craft. Must support and check it out.

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    Is Mad Men really coming back this summer?! If this is absolutely true, I am absolutely excited. I heard it got pushed to 2012 :X


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