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She’s Got Sole: Asics Onitsuka Tiger x Koi Club ‘X Caliber’ Pack

Onitsuka Tiger 'X Caliber' Pack

The person who said ‘the third time’s the charm’ was wrong. Japanese athletics company Asics has blessed the world with some dope shoe designs with unconventional colorways, but their latest remix to the Onitsuka Tiger X Caliber takes the shoe box. The sneaker’s birth is the result of Asics’ 4th mash-up with Yoske Nishiumi’s Koi Club. The limited edition release features a faded denim and suede upper with double colored laces. A choice of lace colors? I love when that happens!

The inspiration for the X Caliber collaboration came from the word ‘koi’ which has multiple meanings in Japanese. Of the six total meanings, three have been translated into sneaker form. This release focuses on the word ‘purpose/purposefully’ which is delicately etched into the heel of the sneaker in Japanese.

The limited edition pack is set to drop this week in multiple countries. If you can get your claws on a pair of these, sleep with one eye open. You’ll be on my jealousy hit list.

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2 Responses to “She’s Got Sole: Asics Onitsuka Tiger x Koi Club ‘X Caliber’ Pack”

  1. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    LOVE! Would totally rock these all summer.

  2. jsica jsica says:

    These are great! I never owned a pair of Asics.


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