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MIX Bikini – The First Interchangeable Swimsuit

There are a couple of things that can make women shake, one of them is the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, but even worst is arriving to a party an finding that there is another woman wearing the exact same thing. Ah! Now the latter is usually talked about in reference to evening wear, but seriously it’s nerve wrecking enough to get ready for bikini season without having to worry about wearing the same bathing suit as some other girl at the pool party. Now, there is a way to just focus on getting fit for the pool party, thanks to MIX Bikini!

MIX Bikini is the worlds first fully customizable bikini line. The line allows you to change the color, style, embellishments and adornments, making you the designer of a one of a kind bikini. With MIX Bikini you can let your creativity and personality truly come through. MIX Bikini will launch on June 1st. MIX Bikini is even giving out full lines to 10 Facebook fans, simply visit MIX Bikini page, like, and comment to enter.

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