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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: What to Pack for Music Festivals

With summer on its way, we’re well into the time of summer music festivals and all of the adventure that comes with them. If you’re planning a trip to one this summer, check out this list for what to pack:

1) Airy clothes. Even if you’ve never considered yourself bohemian chic, consider taking a cue now. No matter how cool it gets at night, music festivals are always hot, between the sun and crowds and moving about to see acts. Your cute new unitard may be great, but it’s going to be sticky and hard to get in and out of when you’re counting the minutes of restroom lines before your favorite band. Keep it light, keep it loose, and think layers.

2) Practical bag. No, practical doesn’t have to mean ugly. We each have our own style, which should remain honored, but weigh in moving through crowds, needing easy access, carrying around all day, and being durable for the weather and terrain of the festival. Open is not the best, and too bulky makes you “that” girl. Some good suggestions: cross body purse, backpack, and waist/fanny pack- all which happen to have cute choices in style now.

3) Sunscreen. I don’t care if you have the best pigmentation ever or swear you will live in the shade or what. The sun will be there with any outdoor music festival, and you need to be protected. Bring your SPF, reapply as needed, and even look for SPF makeup to protect your pretty face.

4) Sunglasses. Speaking of protecting yourself from the sun, sunglasses are great. Guard your eyes, and catch more music, less glare. Also, if you’re like me and become unmotivated to do full makeup in heat or need an accessory to help out in the many photos you and your friends are snapping, sunglasses can be a great friend for fashion.

5) Cheap accessories. Believe me, no matter how awesome that new _____ you just scored is, it will be so much more cool if you actually have it to still wear after the music festival. Things get lost and bumped when you’re in crowds, rushing to see things, sweaty and slippery, and distracted by great things going on around you. Feel free to accessorize, but leave your expensive pieces at home for a less risky wear.

6) Solid shoes. Whether you live in Havaianas, sky high wedges, gladiators, Toms, or whatever, make sure your shoes work for you. You may want to run to rush the stage or get to the bathroom, people will step on you, and come on, your whole body rests on your feet. Take care of your back and body and wear something great to protect your feet.

7) Camera. If you consider yourself a photographer or a camera phone buff, bring your gear. You may get pics of or with your fave band, and you’ll want to snap some of you and your crew. Your going to have fun and make memories, so take some shots to look back on later.

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4 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Jet Set: What to Pack for Music Festivals”

  1. Mayette May says:

    Love all the recommendations! RTB is only months away and I cannot stress enough on the importance of sunscreen!

  2. Sistargirl sistargirl says:

    yes! i completely agree. and leave all the pens and cans (even water spritzers) at home. some security folks are picky about those things! a thin shawl/infinity scarf is great to pack for when hot weather turns cold at night, not too heavy in the purse and can double as a blanket to sit on for resting.

  3. Thanks, May!
    Have a great time!!!

  4. @sistargirl- exxxxcellent adds!
    I’ve had my tiny spray bottle of mace taken away, so good to remember not to push it. And a scarf/pashmina is so versatile and useful.


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