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Fashion Meets Film: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Brush up on your vampire fashion with Buffy!

So the vampire trend might be on its way out the door, but let’s get one thing straight: back when True Blood, Twilight, and Vampire Dairies were still cutting their baby teeth, one young lady started the trend, waaaaay before anyone else. And that girl was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Even the blood sucking bad guys have style.

I grew up on the idea that you kill vampires. You don’t fall in love with them. I mean, that’s just wrong! They aren’t likeable, they can’t go out in sunlight, they smell like dead flesh, and they are super Goth. As if! Buffy knows better. She kicks butt, slams stakes into their hearts, and always manages to look good doing it.

Like at the Mall, Duh.

The 1992 cult classic came out before the beloved TV show. It started Kristy Swanson as Buffy, the popular high-school cheerleader by day and badass trained killer at night. Her love interest was played by the heartthrob Luke Perry, better known as Pike. This mysterious bad boy with a good heart wore leather motorcycle jackets and sported the unkempt look with a confident, sexy smirk.

Pike is like so dreamy, but still kind of strange.

Oh Pike!

Buffy is a valley girl at heart, so of course she has a good-looking posse and is always up-to-date with her fashion. Her friends are a group of colorful, fashionable ladies with attitudes as loud and brassy as their chucky bright accessories. Side note: one of her (meaner) best friends was played by a young woman called Hilary Swank. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

Oh! Check out those rockin' head pieces.

Buffy & her friends have killer style. (Buffy more of course...)

No matter how scary things got, Buffy was always sassy. In the daytime, she was your typical 90’s fashion crazed teenager, a teenybopper who wore floral dresses, hand-patched vests and high-wasted cutoff jeans. After the sun went down, she would kill the living dead in the tightest neon spandex, cut off belly shirts and a letterman’s football jacket.

She isn't work out Barbie!

Only real girls get the boy and fight in dresses!

Since I’m all about the retro, body suits and highlighter colored leggings, I am obsessed with the fashion in this film!. Whenever my wardrobe needs a little transfusion of style, I take a note from Buffy. She always seems to manage. I mean, the girl can kill a whole army of teenagers turned vampires while wearing pearls, a beautiful white sweetheart cut dress, white tights, matching ankle boots, and a leather jacket. Need I say more?!

Valley Girl Style, Kick-Butt Swagger

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